The tradition began in 1960 when Vito, just 11 years old, got his first job at Riina’s Barbershop in Partinico, Sicily. He started out just sweeping floors, and by the age of 14 he had learned the art of a straight edge shave (which he would later teach his son’s). At age 18, Vito was the talk of the town with his fast shaves, and perfect haircuts. He quickly became well known for his excellent barber skills, as well as being the longest employee of Riina’s barbershop. In 1968, Vito’s family got the news that they could come to America after waiting 13 years for a Visa. Upon his arrival in Quincy, Massachusetts, Vito started working in a local barbershop in down town Quincy Center. Once again, it didn’t take long for clients to recognize Vito’s excellent barbering skills, and just as it was in Sicily, Vito quickly became Quincy’s best known barber!


Vito was raising a family of four children, two of which, (Vincent and Robert) admired their father’s hard work ethic and dreamed about following in their father’s footsteps. As Vincent and Robert grew older, the dream of becoming barbers and following in their father’s footsteps, never changed. After Graduating Quincy High School in 1993, Vincent went straight to barber school and began learning the trade. In the late 90’s, Vincent had the opportunity to work with Vito, who was still working in Quincy Center. Robert graduated Quincy High School in 2001 and also decided to go to barber school. In 2003 Vito, Vincent, and Robert all got together to open Goodfellas Traditional Barbershop. Coming up with the name was a simple task wanting to name it after our father Vito, (who didn’t want his name on the sign) we decided to go with something that honored our father. Growing up every one we met always told us what a GOOD guy our father was, so it became obvious to us, we could name the shop after our father, because that’s what Vito is a “goodfella!”

"At Goodfellas we strive to offer men a place of privacy and relaxation, where they can indulge in men's grooming."